May 29, 2023

New Initiatives

Kier’s Hope Scholarship Fund – Please Click Here for Detailed Information
The Scholarship program will be designed to provide some financial relief for Sickle Cell affected families who have a student(s) enrolled in a College or University. The primary goal of this college scholarship is to reward academic achievement that was accomplished in spite of the obstacles provided by sickle cell disease.

Kier’s Hope National Database – Please Click Here for more Detailed Information
The Kier’s Hope Foundation will provide a National Database for access to anyone that needs help with Sickle Cell. This database is to include where help can be found, such as Sickle Cell Foundations in the Kier’s Hope Network, Doctors, Financial assistance, caregiver’s etc. This database will be able to provide the much-needed assistance that a family needs for help.

Kier’s Hope Children’s Book & Action Figure – Please Click Here for more information
The Kier’s Hope Foundation will publish a children’s book and action figure named “Captain Sickle Cell”. Many children who have Sickle Cell feels that people do not understand what they are dealing with, but we have created “Captain Sickle Cell” to get rid of some of their anxieties and depression children may suffer.