May 29, 2023


As a family member or friend, you can share the story of a loved one affected by sickle cell disease with your family and friends, using our online tools. Through your own fundraising site, individuals can share their memories and also make a donation to help support Kier’s Hope mission.

Click here to create a tribute or memorial fundraising page today!

As a family member or friend, you can honor your loved ones who have passed away from sickle cell disease, or who are currently living with the disease, or have served as a caregiver or volunteer. Each Tribute Donation features the name of the honored individual along with a brief personal statement. Your uploaded image will be added to our Tribute Wall.

Tributes will be posted for a full year on our Kier’s Hope website. Funds raised from the Tribute Wall support Kier’s Hope national efforts to advocate for our Mission, Vision and Initiatives if Kier’s Hope. Your donation is tax deductible.