March 20, 2023

Current Services

Junior Claus – Please Click Here to Find out more Information
A holiday outreach program to provide meals for families and toy program to provide toys for sickle cell affected children. Sickle Cell Disease puts an increasing financial and emotional strain on families during the holidays. Kier’s Hope wants to help manage the holiday stress with its assistance programs.


Kier’s Hope Annual 5K Run and Fun Walk -Please Click Here for more information
Kier’s Hope 5K Run and Fun Walk is  an annual run and fun walk dedicated to bringing awareness and hope to those battling Sickle Cell. There is no other run in country of this magnitude. Currently the run is based only in Dallas, Texas but we are working to make this a National Event the first Saturday in June all over the United States.

Our run generates 500+ Runners each year who come out and support our worthy cause. We are working hard to double the amount of runners and generate more awareness.

And because of the Great efforts of Kier and the foundation, in 2018 the City of Dallas declared that the first Saturday in June will forever be Kier’s Hope Day. In 2019 the State Senate of the State of Texas declared that June will forever be Kier’s Hope Sickle Cell Awareness Month. History was made because all we want to do is giveback to our fellow Texans and others in the United States.